My Little Cousin

A student of mine passed away last week.

He’s was a great kid, always laughing and smiling. He had a great smile. I’m going to miss that smile. He was one of my first students, I remember when I first met him three and a half years ago. He was kinda quite, he clung to a more charismatic classmate of his for the first few weeks of school. Then he started to change and grow into his own person, with this different sort of charismatic charm. It somehow got girls to notice him, not to date him but enough to get a hug every now and then.
He had a medical condition where every so often he would get seizures. The first time he had one near me I learned a few things
1. He was a heavy kid, not that be was fat he was all muscle
2. I have never been been more afraid of anything in my life, sitting there watching him seize and not being able to help was torturous
3. He was a special kid, going through that and waking up after and trying to go back to class made me see that
I sat in the nurses office with him until he woke up, then threatened to kill him if he ever scared me like that again. I stayed with him again until his uncle came and picked him up, I helped him to the truck, made sure he was in, threatened him one last time not to do that again and way bed him go home. He didn’t come back to school for a few day and when he returned he was back to his charismatic charming ways.
He never had another seizure at school, I like to think I had something to do with that

It’s going to be hard going back to work tomorrow and not seeing him. But I’ll have the memories he left, like trying to convince me be was my cousin then running out of my room to his class screaming I’M NOT LATE I’M NOT LATE.
I’m going to miss my little cousin.

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Is There Any Love?

I kinda got dumped last week. Not the best feeling or thing to happen when you’re trying to order a valentines gift for someone. Needless to say valentines day wasn’t that great for me. I got my best friend a gift though. She deserved it.
I was supposed to be in Chicago this week for my vacation, but I kinda got dumped last week when I was trying to order a valentines gift for someone. I am not have a good black history or chocolate lovers month. ( that sounds so racist).
It is not good to be me right now, there’s no love for me at all

How do you get dumped by someone you’re not dating? Only I could do that

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Yet Another Social Networking Venue

So yup decided to try this out while I’m on a break from tumblr (kinda). Hopefully my blogging experience here will be more enjoyable.

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